Valentines Chocolate Bark

I’m back with another recipe and surprise, surprise … it’s another dessert. Valentine’s Day is all about love and being sweet, and what better way to be sweet than with chocolate right? So, I’m taking advantage of this holiday and making another treat for the second time in a week – Chocolate Bark! I also think this is completely justified seeing as my boyfriend finished all of the Peanut Butter Balls I made earlier this week within two days. Yes, I said all of them. I think this recipe is even easier than the peanut butter balls, if you can believe it. There’s only four ingredients, and the most time consuming part about this recipe is waiting for the oven to preheat.

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Valentines Peanut Butter Balls

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I was trying to think of something small, yet thoughtful, to give to my boyfriend. Since I’m currently living life on that student budget, we agreed not to get each other any gifts and just spend the day together. But, I still wanted to do a little something, so I decided I would make him one of his favourite treats – peanut butter balls! I didn’t even know these were a thing until we had started dating, but now they are one of my favourite things to make as they are so easy. There’s no baking required, and only five ingredients!


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Streetsville’s Christmas in the Village

Last weekend, I went to the Christmas Market in Toronto’s Distillery District and I’ve been in the Christmas spirit ever since. This was only the second time I had been to the Toronto Christmas Market and unfortunately the weather was less than ideal and my feet ended up soaked the entire time. (Note to self: Stop buying cheap boots). But aside from that, I still had a great time taking in all the Christmas decorations and trying to find unique gifts for my family and friends. Piece of advice – if you’ve never been and are planning on going, make sure you go in the evening. Although it’s busier at night, it’s absolutely worth it because it looks ever prettier when it’s all lit up. The rain prevented me from getting any photos this year (I’m extremely cautious with my technology now … I’ve broken one too many phones over the years), but here’s a video that shows just how pretty the lights are.

Because of how much I enjoyed the Christmas Market downtown, you could say I got a little excited when I found out there was going to be one in Streetsville for the first time this year. I grew up in Mississauga, and Streetsville is one of my favourite neighbourhoods within it so my friends and I decided to check out the Market last night. It was held in Streetsvilles’ main square which was renovated just last year and was open from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm, but we decided to go around 6:00 pm because food, drinks and entertainment didn’t start until 5:00 pm.
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